Is This Real Life?!?

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Well the title of this blog was the theme of the past week in Reno. If you were there, well you can attest to this, and if you weren’t I will explain a portion of the incredible times had by all in Reno, aka “Little Vegas.” If you remember the blog post from a week ago, I was sitting in the airport headed to Reno doing some people watching. If “people watching” was a sport, I could be a professional.

Technically we were there for a cow show, but everyone knows that there is not a show in the country with more excitement, so it is like a working vacation. Although if you think you are going to gamble and get your picture put on the big billboard outside saying you are a winner, you are wrong! Casinos are nice and big for a reason. I finally arrived around noon on Tuesday and went straight to the tables. Possibly the worst idea I have ever had, but losing early money made me not gamble much the rest of the week. I was extremely tired on Tuesday evening and fell asleep early considering I was in Reno! Wednesday most everyone showed up, including my long lost brother from California. When he arrived, the casino began to get tore up. He even got stranded in the elevator for an hour and a half! The cattle showed up on Wednesday evening, so then it was time to get to work.

We had 9 head in our string, so it was not too bad. It was spread over three days, so we did not have to get too crazy. The cattle looked very well and performed well. Congratulations to Express Ranches and the Sankey’s for their success with a quality set of cattle.

Now enough about the show, let’s talk about the fun stuff. EVERY single night we went out and had a blast! Most nights we stayed at the casino, but we had one exceptional night out on the townJ. The predominant crew consisted of my long lost brother from California, his buddy, “the model from Cali”, one “real life babe” from California, and me.

Now to explain the “is this real life” slogan made famous this week in Reno. Every night we were out, it didn’t matter what happened, whether it be funny, tragic, or sentimental, someone would pipe in and say “Is this real life?” It turned into the theme of the week for this reason. I have been on the west coast two of the past three weeks, and coming home each time was a difficult transition for me. It is always hard to say goodbye to your friends you don’t get to see every day. Thank god for airplanes and technology right? We are currently planning an incredible part II to the “limited edition group” saga. Stay tuned for more details.

The times had this weekend are times that I will never forget. The people that I hung out with are the people that I will never forget. And these together create the memories that are enough to talk about for a lifetime…………………without memories you are not living.


Well the title of this post is something that I frequently do, and I certainly love it. If you didn’t realize it, the airport is a hot bed of yuppy city folks that are here everyday because their job is THAT important. Many of them are rude and will be running rampant through the airport with their Bluetooth in their ear and Starbucks in their freehand. Another thing I notice frequently in airports are Asians. You know there are several of them when the lady boarding the plane even speaks Chinese over the loudspeaker! Anyway, I am in their world now. So there is no better time to chat with someone than while your in the airport. Typically I wear boots and pressed jeans or a cowboy hat or something to make me stand out for a conversation starter. I realize that educating a few people airport will not change the world, but every step counts. Let the world know what you do, what you produce, and how you do so. They WILL listen…

This week I will be in Reno, NV helping Brad and Dawn Gohr of Oregon. Reno is always a blast and I look for it to be once again.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”…….


Ramblin Man

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Where has the last week gone? If you find it let me know… We have been covered up with everything from U.S. Congresswoman Hartzler coming all the way through the end of the District FFA contest today! As I mentioned in my last post, I had the opportunity to evaluate the Division I speaking contest. We had 11 first year FFA members stand and deliver their speeches for competition. All of the topics were very relevant to current agriculture issues and they all did an outstanding job of presenting them. The top 4 individuals advanced to the State FFA Convention in Columbia. Congratulations to all competitors and good luck to them as they travel up the ranks. Yesterday was the livestock judging contest, where around 150 FFA members from the district competed for top honors. We setup all of the pens for the contest last Friday and had the livestock in place on Monday morning at 7 am. The contestants evaluated 9 classes of livestock and delivered reasons on three of the classes. I took reasons on an outstanding class of Hereford bulls. It was great to see such a great turnout for the contest.

This week is certainly a short week of school for those of us here at Missouri State. Monday and Tuesday, due to the FFA contests, all agriculture classes were canceled. Wednesday classes are scheduled like normal, and then Thursday and Friday we are dismissed from school for Easter break!

This week my travels take me west to the Golden State of California for the Silveira Bros. Online Open House fall-born female sale. They are offering 10 fall-born heifer calves ranging from August to December all sired by Silveiras Style 9303. I am looking forward to this event very much! If you are in need of a show heifer be sure to check it out at or The sale began today and will end on Saturday with a live closeout. If you have any questions about the females be sure to call Garrett or you can even call me. That is all I have for now, but next week I will have plenty of excitement to share highlighting my trip to Cali! Below is just one of the outstanding females offered in the sale!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Another Day Another Dollar

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Well I have officially received my first sunburn of the year over the past few days! The first lawn mowing of the year was also this week. Here at the Darr Agriculture Center we have our hands full mowing. Luckily we have four people mowing with 3 zero turn mowers and one fifteen foot batwing finish mower. We can typically get the mowing done in one day and then follow up with weed eaters the next day. This past weekend I worked the C/S Cattle sale in Pomona, MO. The sale averaged around $3100 on 73 live lots. It is a great time to be in the Angus business. My hat is off to Cindy and Shirley for putting together the best set of females they have ever had for public offering.

As I mentioned last week, I weaned my September and October calves last week, and they are doing great. I have had no bloating issues, nor a single sick one. (Knock on wood!) We have an awesome set of fall calves, all super stout and I’m excited to watch them develop. This week has began to get somewhat stressful with all of the mowing and making the facility look top notch because we have congresswoman Hartzler coming this Friday to tour the facility. I appear to be succeeding in all of my classes with the exception of soils. For some reason I find the class extremely difficult and it has been kicking my butt. This coming Saturday I have the opportunity to judge the Southwest District FFA public speaking contest. I love doing this because it takes me down memory lane, it seems like just yesterday I was competing in the State FFA division I contest. I can still remember most of my speech over Certified Angus Beef; I also remember how nervous I was. That’s all for now, but the next two weeks blogs should be very interesting, as I will be doing some traveling to the west for a cattle sale.

Green grass and black cows………………

Ups and Downs

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Rain, sunny, rain, sunny, rain and sunny at the same time? That basically sums up the weather that we had here at the farm today. It is so nice to be on spring break and be here on the farm. Sure it would be nice to be on the beach somewhere, but then I would be worrying constantly about the grass, calves, and family. Today was quite a chore, when your dad has a career other than farming it is sometimes tough to get everything done around the farm. My little brother is normally a great help, but he is down the strep throat. That left me to vaccinate and wean the September and October calves by myself. I can tell you this, there are days when cattle want to drive well and follow suit and there are days that they want to run off and do everything you do not want them to. Today was a day that they did everything I wanted them to, otherwise I would still be outside running them through the chute. After working my calves and getting them to the weaning pen I watched carefully to make sure there were no escapees. This was when I thought to myself, “This is why I raise cattle.” It is the cycle of life, the mothers just across the fence, but they both were balling incessantly.

The next chore was to go to another pasture to gather some spring calvers. Upon arrival, I noticed that I was one pair short, I put them into the pen and went on search for the missing pair. When I started driving down into the field, the cow met me. Her udder was dripping milk and she appeared to be in distress so I put her in the pen with the other cows and began looking for her baby. Across the creek in the back of the field near the pond I noticed a large tree that had fallen over the fence. I walked up to see her dead heifer calf lying under the tree. This did not make me happy, but there was absolutely nothing I could do about nature.

Farming is like any other business, it has its good and bad, but in the end the good always outweighs the bad…….

Spring Sale Frenzy!

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What an incredible weekend at Jac’s Ranch in Bentonville, AR! 76 bulls averaged $3,615, meaning the bull sales have held strong throughout the spring sale season. The futher west you go, the better the sales are. You ask why is that? I believe that the number of cattle decrease the further east you go, and the further west you move the larger the farms and many more cattle. Some of the reason for increased bull prices have to do with the increase in the cattle market, I also believe that the trichomoniasis outbreak has also brought some typical salebarn bull buyers out from the woodwork wanting a good bull that is not going to infect their cows with this epidemic. With all the rain that the southern U.S. is now receiving, they are in the market to buy the cattle back that they sold last summer/fall. The number of cows harvested last year in the south due to drought is astronomical, and fulfilling their herds to what they were will take a few years. The hay market was crazy this fall and winter, but it seems that the winter this year is rather short, and people are beginning to see things green up and makes the hay debate less of a factor.

This weekend I have some friends coming to town for a Stoney LaRue concert on Friday evening, and then helping me work a Saler consignment sale in Strafford, MO on Saturday morning. The blessing after that is what we like to call springbreak! I will be home for a solid week halterbreaking, clipping, and picturing the fall heifer crop. This is an incredible set of heifers and come from the nations finest genetics. Check back late next week for pictures of these ladies.

That’s all for now! We will catch up next week!


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Weather here in Missouri is ever changing, but this is somewhat unbelievable! Temperatures in the 70’s are making everyone crazy. I mean the spring cleaning fever has already hit me, and that is substantial. I cleaned the house last night because I thought it was time, during the day today we had the windows open all day, with no heat, nor air running. It is what I consider a nearly perfect time of year.

This past weekend I hit the road with my little brother to clip some sale cattle for upcoming sales. We headed to West Plains on Friday evening and then up early headed to Ozark county to clip out some bulls in Gainesville at our good friend Roy Jones house. After finishing up at the Jones’ we headed over to Ava to clip some more cattle for the Driftwood Holding Trust. This was a long day, on the way home I told my brother that I was getting too old for this stuff. I guess that is why I am trying to finish up college so I can attain a job that doesn’t require quite as much physical labor! Sunday morning up early again, Tom Asher brought some sale cattle over to the house for us to clip. After completing those, we finished up the cattle of our own that are consigned in upcoming sales, called it a day and headed back to Springfield.

This week has been a windy train wreck, you really want to be outside in the nice weather, but at the same time the wind is blowing so hard it could blow a kite off of its string. This Thursday afternoon Clayton and I head to Jac’s Ranch in Bentonville, AR to work the annual bull sale. Hopefully the wind dies down some before sale day! Cattle sales have been incredibly great thus far this spring, best of luck to Jac’s Ranch this weekend and all other production or consignment sales this spring.