Dinner is on the Table!

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Tonight as I lit the grill, it excited me to know that my roommates and I have the ability to cook a high quality meal. I don’t usually buy high end steaks (college kid), but I can grill an average quality steak to perfection. Grilling is something I love to do and usually grill out about 3 times a week. My cut of the semester is a flat iron steak, the flat iron is also known as the top blade steak (comes from the top of the shoulder blade) and was developed at the University of Nebraska. For not being a loin cut it is extremely juicy and has excellent flavor and hardly any waste in fat. Even though we all know fat provides flavor, this steak is excellent. The key to grilling any steak is not over cooking it. I love a rare steak, but some people do not. Even if you do not like it rare, cook it medium! I know you will like it, and be prone to eat steak more often. If you can learn to cook it right at home, eating out will come less often. I would much rather eat a steak that I have prepared, than someone at a restaurant. Not to mention the cost. Cooking a store bought cut or a home raised cut is much cheaper than eating a steak out that someone may not have cooked to your liking. If you enjoy cooking or would like to learn more about how to grill a great steak visit http://www.certifiedangusbeef.com/index.php. Here you will find a variety of recipes and cuts that will fit your taste. Happy Grilling!

  1. looks like what I was cooking tonight! nothing better than eating a steak that you raised on the farm.

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