Slick your Coat

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

I assume it is still considered winter, but the weather pattern certainly has not indicated so! It feels like late spring, with temperatures in the upper 60’s and occasional 70’s, show cattle are beginning to need sheared to begin regrowth for the summer show season. I was able to go home this weekend for the first time in over a month and had the chance to look at my calves as well as shear out the show heifers. Shearing the show calves is always something that you hate to do, because their hair currently is beautiful, but when it starts to shed in a couple weeks it won’t look too hot! Shearing show heifers reminds me of the cycle of life. It is similar to turning over a new leaf for an individual. After shearing my heifers at home this weekend I came back to the school farm and sheared out the Herefords here, after they had been slicked I noticed that they ran around the pastures wondering what had just happened to them. It is similar to that feeling you get on a cool day shortly after walking out of the barbershop! The shearing represents rejuvenation and replenishing to me. They shed their old ways and look to a brighter future. Similar to what college students as well as people already in the career field do every day. In college you are constantly trying to get to the next level, and once you reach that level you shed off and start over again, but you have more knowledge under your belt. In the career field it may mean new clients, a new boss, or a territory change. These heifers have no control over getting sheared, just as you may have no control over your career, but if you have a positive outlook on your regrowth, the potential success is there!

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