Posted: March 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Weather here in Missouri is ever changing, but this is somewhat unbelievable! Temperatures in the 70’s are making everyone crazy. I mean the spring cleaning fever has already hit me, and that is substantial. I cleaned the house last night because I thought it was time, during the day today we had the windows open all day, with no heat, nor air running. It is what I consider a nearly perfect time of year.

This past weekend I hit the road with my little brother to clip some sale cattle for upcoming sales. We headed to West Plains on Friday evening and then up early headed to Ozark county to clip out some bulls in Gainesville at our good friend Roy Jones house. After finishing up at the Jones’ we headed over to Ava to clip some more cattle for the Driftwood Holding Trust. This was a long day, on the way home I told my brother that I was getting too old for this stuff. I guess that is why I am trying to finish up college so I can attain a job that doesn’t require quite as much physical labor! Sunday morning up early again, Tom Asher brought some sale cattle over to the house for us to clip. After completing those, we finished up the cattle of our own that are consigned in upcoming sales, called it a day and headed back to Springfield.

This week has been a windy train wreck, you really want to be outside in the nice weather, but at the same time the wind is blowing so hard it could blow a kite off of its string. This Thursday afternoon Clayton and I head to Jac’s Ranch in Bentonville, AR to work the annual bull sale. Hopefully the wind dies down some before sale day! Cattle sales have been incredibly great thus far this spring, best of luck to Jac’s Ranch this weekend and all other production or consignment sales this spring.

  1. I feel ya, I felt the spring clean fever too. I went fishing this weekend and the weather was awesome but the wind make it hard

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