Ups and Downs

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Rain, sunny, rain, sunny, rain and sunny at the same time? That basically sums up the weather that we had here at the farm today. It is so nice to be on spring break and be here on the farm. Sure it would be nice to be on the beach somewhere, but then I would be worrying constantly about the grass, calves, and family. Today was quite a chore, when your dad has a career other than farming it is sometimes tough to get everything done around the farm. My little brother is normally a great help, but he is down the strep throat. That left me to vaccinate and wean the September and October calves by myself. I can tell you this, there are days when cattle want to drive well and follow suit and there are days that they want to run off and do everything you do not want them to. Today was a day that they did everything I wanted them to, otherwise I would still be outside running them through the chute. After working my calves and getting them to the weaning pen I watched carefully to make sure there were no escapees. This was when I thought to myself, “This is why I raise cattle.” It is the cycle of life, the mothers just across the fence, but they both were balling incessantly.

The next chore was to go to another pasture to gather some spring calvers. Upon arrival, I noticed that I was one pair short, I put them into the pen and went on search for the missing pair. When I started driving down into the field, the cow met me. Her udder was dripping milk and she appeared to be in distress so I put her in the pen with the other cows and began looking for her baby. Across the creek in the back of the field near the pond I noticed a large tree that had fallen over the fence. I walked up to see her dead heifer calf lying under the tree. This did not make me happy, but there was absolutely nothing I could do about nature.

Farming is like any other business, it has its good and bad, but in the end the good always outweighs the bad…….

  1. That’s rough! It’s never fun to walk up and find stuff like that – it kind of ruins your day. On the bright side you still have the cow!? Right??

    It’s a wonder the tree didn’t get both of them.
    Several years back during a storm – one of those weird ones when it was half stormy – half sunshine, one of our cows got hit by lightening. Her calf was following to close and it zapped him too.

    But you are 100% right, that’s farming. You must take the good and the bad.

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