Another Day Another Dollar

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well I have officially received my first sunburn of the year over the past few days! The first lawn mowing of the year was also this week. Here at the Darr Agriculture Center we have our hands full mowing. Luckily we have four people mowing with 3 zero turn mowers and one fifteen foot batwing finish mower. We can typically get the mowing done in one day and then follow up with weed eaters the next day. This past weekend I worked the C/S Cattle sale in Pomona, MO. The sale averaged around $3100 on 73 live lots. It is a great time to be in the Angus business. My hat is off to Cindy and Shirley for putting together the best set of females they have ever had for public offering.

As I mentioned last week, I weaned my September and October calves last week, and they are doing great. I have had no bloating issues, nor a single sick one. (Knock on wood!) We have an awesome set of fall calves, all super stout and I’m excited to watch them develop. This week has began to get somewhat stressful with all of the mowing and making the facility look top notch because we have congresswoman Hartzler coming this Friday to tour the facility. I appear to be succeeding in all of my classes with the exception of soils. For some reason I find the class extremely difficult and it has been kicking my butt. This coming Saturday I have the opportunity to judge the Southwest District FFA public speaking contest. I love doing this because it takes me down memory lane, it seems like just yesterday I was competing in the State FFA division I contest. I can still remember most of my speech over Certified Angus Beef; I also remember how nervous I was. That’s all for now, but the next two weeks blogs should be very interesting, as I will be doing some traveling to the west for a cattle sale.

Green grass and black cows………………

  1. what out for the suicide strip when you mow

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