Is This Real Life?!?

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well the title of this blog was the theme of the past week in Reno. If you were there, well you can attest to this, and if you weren’t I will explain a portion of the incredible times had by all in Reno, aka “Little Vegas.” If you remember the blog post from a week ago, I was sitting in the airport headed to Reno doing some people watching. If “people watching” was a sport, I could be a professional.

Technically we were there for a cow show, but everyone knows that there is not a show in the country with more excitement, so it is like a working vacation. Although if you think you are going to gamble and get your picture put on the big billboard outside saying you are a winner, you are wrong! Casinos are nice and big for a reason. I finally arrived around noon on Tuesday and went straight to the tables. Possibly the worst idea I have ever had, but losing early money made me not gamble much the rest of the week. I was extremely tired on Tuesday evening and fell asleep early considering I was in Reno! Wednesday most everyone showed up, including my long lost brother from California. When he arrived, the casino began to get tore up. He even got stranded in the elevator for an hour and a half! The cattle showed up on Wednesday evening, so then it was time to get to work.

We had 9 head in our string, so it was not too bad. It was spread over three days, so we did not have to get too crazy. The cattle looked very well and performed well. Congratulations to Express Ranches and the Sankey’s for their success with a quality set of cattle.

Now enough about the show, let’s talk about the fun stuff. EVERY single night we went out and had a blast! Most nights we stayed at the casino, but we had one exceptional night out on the townJ. The predominant crew consisted of my long lost brother from California, his buddy, “the model from Cali”, one “real life babe” from California, and me.

Now to explain the “is this real life” slogan made famous this week in Reno. Every night we were out, it didn’t matter what happened, whether it be funny, tragic, or sentimental, someone would pipe in and say “Is this real life?” It turned into the theme of the week for this reason. I have been on the west coast two of the past three weeks, and coming home each time was a difficult transition for me. It is always hard to say goodbye to your friends you don’t get to see every day. Thank god for airplanes and technology right? We are currently planning an incredible part II to the “limited edition group” saga. Stay tuned for more details.

The times had this weekend are times that I will never forget. The people that I hung out with are the people that I will never forget. And these together create the memories that are enough to talk about for a lifetime…………………without memories you are not living.

  1. that a boy! wish i could of been there, well sorta, but sounds like a lot of play and not much work the way its suppose to be!

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