My Story

Up to this point in my life I have been leading a very interesting life, a life that not everyone can say that they have had the opportunity to lead, and a life that everyone may not want to lead. However, I find myself fortunate to have been raised a farm kid from Missouri. My name is Cody Smith and my family and I live on a farm in the heart of Missouri. We own and operate Checkerhill Angus and only run about 60 momma cows, but we pride ourselves on quality and not quantity! My family and I show cattle from coast to coast and the memories I have made showing are priceless. I am a senior at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri and currently live at the Darr Agriculture Center and take care of the daily farming operations here at school. Over the last several years of my life I have taken a stance within the agriculture industry and continue to do so in years to come. I served as the vice president for the Missouri FFA Association and during that wonderful year I worked with and had the opportunity to share with fellow FFA members and agriculture advocates across the state. After my term as a state FFA officer, I served a two year term on the National Junior Angus Board of Directors. The people of the Angus breed are not as well-known as the product they produce, but advertisements could never appreciate the quality of people within this great breed. I am eternally grateful for the breed of cattle and the people that helped mold my life into the ride it has become. Every day is a new day, and you never know what to expect. Since the ripe age of 16 I have been on the road doing custom work for other cattle breeders across the country. This is an experience I plan to speak of in abundance because some of my greatest stories come from the road. If you happen to be a fellow cattleman, showjock, or just another agvocate I hope you enjoy my story!


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